MOVIE REVIEW: “This is Where I Leave You”

Despite spot-on performances from its lead actors, “This is Where I Leave You” leaves audiences overwhelmed from the cramming of dramatic events into an hour and a half-long film.

The film opens with Judd Altman (Jason Bateman) finding his wife, Quinn, (Abigail Spencer) in bed with his arrogant boss, Wade (Dax Shepherd). As if that wasn’t bad enough, Judd later finds out that his father has died and made a final wish that his antagonistic children would return home to commemorate his death. However, that’s not where the dramatic series of events stops.

It gets even worse.

Within the next hour of the film, issues concerning infidelity, a surprise pregnancy, a troublesome attempt at conception and even a shocking lesbian confession crowds the film. Tina Fey, Adam Driver and Corey Stall play the roles of Judd’s siblings, while Jane Fonda gives a refreshing portrayal of the family’s matriarch. While the film includes great acting performances, it lacks the time and space to fully develop its storyline (which was, of course, developed wonderfully in the book by Jonathan Tropper).

This family has issues—without a doubt. Yet, these issues seem more appropriate for a TV sitcom rather than a feature film.


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