Another Reason to Love Zoe Saldana

A still from

A still from “The Book of Life” from

Zoe Saldana has done it again.

Instead of taking on a role that solely features her good looks, Saldana’s most recent film role emphasizes her voice. And it’s a voice that must be heard.

In the new animated film “The Book of Life,” Saldana provides the voice for Maria, a young and beautiful woman who must decide who to marry between two men, Manolo and Joaquin (voiced by Diego Luna and Channing Tatum, respectively). Although the film mainly tells the story of Manolo’s journey back to Maria after he dies, Maria’s attitudes towards marriage, relationships and even feminism come to the forefront.

Although both men try their hardest to impress her, Maria makes it known that it will take more than good looks and mere acts of brawn to pique her interest in either of them. Maria doesn’t belong to either of her suitors, which she makes very clear. However, she does desire a relationship with someone who not only loves her but also respects her.

It’s no surprise that Saldana chose to add this role to her list of acting credentials. She’s played a fierce warrior in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” a vengeful assassin in “Columbia” and several other strong female characters.

Saldana is more that just a pretty face; Her upcoming film roles will continue to prove that.


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