Philly Is Always a Good Idea

This week, I spent a few days in Philly (which was my first time visiting the city). I traveled to NYC during the summer, and I thought that Philly was another city that I had to visit. Overall, I loved Philly. Below are a few of my favorite memories from my trip:

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

Taking a trip to the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens was probably my favorite part of the entire trip. The garden consists of artwork created by mosaic mural artist Isaiah Zagar. Tiles, bottles, bicycle wheels and other random objects are combined to make a sight that anyone visiting Philly must see. Simply put, it was beautiful.

Liberty Bell

Artwork at the Liberty Bell Center

I couldn’t leave Philly without stopping by to see the Liberty Bell at the Liberty Bell Center. Before visitors can even reach the bell, they are free to look around at walls covered with information and visuals. This artwork of the bell covered with the word “liberty” in different languages immediately caught my eye.

Board Game Art Park

Board Game Art Park

One of the things that I loved about Philly is that visitors can stumble upon anything from a garden full of mosaic artwork or a park scattered with large game pieces. After taking a walk after dinner, I stumbled upon the Board Game Art Park, which is conveniently located across the street from the LOVE Park.

I visited some other sights, including the Reading Terminal Market (to get my soft pretzel fix), Franklin Square and the President’s House site (where George Washington lived). And, of course, I did try my first Philly cheesesteak from Pat’s.

Overall, Philly was definitely good to me.


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