Three Cheers for “Chef”

Emjay Anthony and Jon Favreau in

Emjay Anthony and Jon Favreau in “Chef” (

When my professor decided to show our social media management class the film “Chef” last week, I was reminded how much I love the film. Honestly, it’s one of the most underrated films today. Below are three reasons why I recommend the film:

1. “Chef” highlights the importance of social media marketing for businesses.

The film centers on chef Carl Casper’s (Jon Favreau) journey from cooking as a head chef in a kitchen to being a chef on his own food truck. Casper is set back by an issue that any communication or marketing major can point out instantly: his lack of social media awareness. Casper’s young son, Percy (Emjay Anthony), has to teach him how to use Twitter. Casper even mistakenly tweets out a message that he meant to send to a food critic privately. He’s a social media newbie; however, he eventually learns just how effective social media can be when used correctly (thanks to Percy).

2. A family is brought together by food.

Casper not only finds his passion for cooking again while working on the food truck, but he also mends his relationship with Percy and his ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara).

3. It features actor and director Jon Favreau at his finest.

Favreau has directed and/or acted in several hits (the “Iron Man” films, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” etc.), but “Chef” shows off his producing, directing, writing and acting skills. So, that pretty much makes him a quadruple threat.

“Chef” is available on DVD now.


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