Comin’ for ya, Charlotte!

The travel bug has bitten me recently. Hard.

Charlotte, NC

Luckily, my best friend Jasmine moved to Charlotte last year, so I have a reason to visit North Carolina for the first time. I plan on visiting in early August, so I’ve already begun adding things to my to-do list for my short stay. Below are a few places/events that have come up in my research:

  • The EpiCentre
    The EpiCentre is a one-stop shop for food, drinks, shopping and entertainment. Day or night, visitors can choose between watching a movie, bowling, enjoying a meal/drinks with friends or splurging during some retail therapy (which is definitely on my to-do list).

  • Food Tours
    I’m always hungry. Always. Luckily, Jasmine shares my love for food (which is why we’re best friends, obviously), so I know we’ll be on the lookout for good eats while I’m there. I stumbled across Feast Food Tours’ website while doing some research, and I think I’m sold on going on a walking food tour.

  • South End
    I love the idea of visiting areas of a city that are lively, entertaining and full of history. North Carolina’s South End seems to have all of that–and more. There’s a gallery crawl in the area on the Friday of my trip, and I think we’d enjoy wandering around a few fine art galleries that night. Food Truck Friday is that same night, so that’s also a plus.

I don’t want to necessarily plan my entire trip (since sometimes no plan is the best plan, right?). So I’m only adding a few things to my to-do list, for now. What are your recommendations for a brief stay in Charlotte?

photo credit: Charlotte Skyline via photopin (license)


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