New Read: Leave Your Mark


If you’re looking for insider tips on how to make it in your career (especially, the fashion and/or PR industry), Aliza Licht has nearly 300 pages worth of them for you.

Licht, senior vice president of Donna Karan International and DKNY PR Girl, released her book “Leave Your Mark” last month, which includes professional advice that she’s learned while advancing in her own (obviously successful) career.

The book is divided into the following four sections:

  • Landing Your Dream Job

  • Killing It in Your Career

  • Rocking Social Media

  • Creating the Brand of You

In each section, Licht shares stories of her own professional journey while also providing useful “insider tips” to readers. Some of her stories include those “WTF” moments we all have had (and/or dread) at work. Co-workers who are almost unbearable to work with or simply be around? Yep, she’s dealt with that, too.

Some of my favorite insider tips include:

  • Insider Tip: “You don’t get a promotion for doing your job; you get a promotion for going above and beyond your job.”

  • Insider Tip: “Act one level above the job you currently have.”

  • Insider Tip: “Your boss wants to know that you are passionate about the success of the business, whether it’s in your job description or not.”

The best part about Licht’s tips is that they aren’t reserved for fashion PR hopefuls. All career-minded readers can take them and run with them (hopefully towards the careers they truly want).

You can read more about Licht and her success here.