Hustle Hard.


You’ve seen it on coffee mugs. You’ve read it on dozens of Pinterest pins. You’ve heard it anytime someone played this 2006 anthem.

Everyday someone is hustlin’.

Specifically, more people are venturing into side hustles, or side jobs/projects. Career-related articles on sites continue to promote the idea of having a side hustle, or two. Whether your everyday job is satisfying or not, having a passion project on the side seems to have more pros than cons.

I even jumped on the side hustle bandwagon and started freelancing recently. (Shameless plug: If you’re looking for some life lessons from one of today’s queens of comedy, head over to Career Contessa’s website and read key takeaways from Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please.”)

If you’re not already convinced that you should pick up a side hustle, reading up on its benefits may interest you. An article on GoGirlFinance’s website lists three specific ways that a side hustle can actually improve your career.

  • “Learning to Optimize Your Time”

Balancing a full/part time job and a side project will take some much-needed time management skills. Whether it’s deciding to only work on your side hustle after work or only on the weekends, understanding how to allocate your time for different tasks will ultimately sharpen your time management skills overall.

  • “Mastering the Art of Multitasking”

Balancing two jobs isn’t easy, but don’t forget to factor in household responsibilities, parental duties, etc. Most of us already have to balance several responsibilities (some more welcome than others). Learning how to juggle your jobs with other responsibilities will have a positive effect on your overall multitasking skills. 

  • “Expanding Your Set of Skills”

Maybe you’re a healthcare professional looking to get into DIY crafts. Or a writer just looking for more writing opportunities (*raises hand*). Either way, a new venture opens up the opportunity to learn more skills (like, networking, content creation, budgeting — the list goes on).

On one hand, a side hustle may not be ideal for everyone. But if there’s something you’re passionate about that could be a side hustle, why not give it a shot?

With that being said, what’s your (or what could be your) side hustle?


So, You’re About to Graduate…

The job search as a college senior is anything but easy. Let’s be real, any job search is difficult. So, tips and suggestions from people who have been there aren’t only helpful, but they’re also uplifting when young professionals are questioning all of the hard work they spent doing for the past four years (Am I right or am I right?). Below are a few sites that I use and swear by as I continue to move forward in my professional career:

Levo League

Levo’s website includes resources that young professionals (specifically, women) can use as they venture into the professional world. The articles on the site range from tips on how to start your job search to suggestions on how to become adjusted to a new workplace. The resources on this site are abundant and useful!

Your Coffee Break (YCB)

When I was starting to prepare for job interviews after graduation, a few articles on Your Coffee Break’s website definitely came in handy. The site serves as a resource for professional women in search of style, lifestyle, career and other tips. Levo also features some of YCB’s articles on its site.

Corals + Cognacs (via Hallie Wilson)

Tips on how to prepare for job interviews and working in a corporate setting are useful, but sometimes a woman just needs to hear from another young woman about style and city living. I’m a frequent reader of Corals + Cognacs, and some of the articles in the “Life” category on the site have been inspirational. Hallie knows just what it feels like to transition from college, to a first job then to the point where you just have to ask yourself: What’s best for me? Don’t just take my word for it; read all about it for yourself here.

Of course, there are tons of other sites that are just as helpful for young professionals as those that I’ve listed above. What are your favorites?