Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

There’s nothing more detrimental to your anticipation for the weekend than realizing it’s only Monday.

Four more days to go.

Until then, finding the motivation to get through the week can seem like trying to find a good movie in the $5 bin at Walmart. Hopeless.

Below are a few ways you can find motivation to get through any week. Eventually, you might even stop treating Monday like the bane of your work week and more like the opportunity for a fresh start. One can hope, anyway.

Levo League’s #MondayMotivation Quote Challenge

Levo League’s site is a helpful resource for career-minded professionals – young and older. With that being said, the people behind the site know how tough Mondays can be for working professionals. Its weekly #MondayMotivation Quote Challenge pulls together a few quotes (taken from its Pinterest account) and lets users vote on which one is the best. In the end, you can kill two birds with one stone here. 1. Get your weekly dose of motivation and 2. Add to your own Pinterest quote board.

Positive affirmations

Dory from “Finding Nemo” had the right idea. When you find yourself in a tough situation, repeating a positive statement (like, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”) can help you get through it. Career Contessa lists six affirmations that can help you pull through at work – and in life.

Desk/workspace swag

If you sit in a boring workspace for hours each day, motivation is a necessity. Whether it’s a quote on a coffee mug, planner or notepad, motivation in the form of a tangible item has the potential to brighten your mood throughout the day. The accessories by Ashley Brooke Designs may do the trick. Keep this travel mug nearby as a daily reminder to hustle or drink your [much-needed] coffee from this mug for a small ego boost.

What are some ways that you motivate yourself during the week?